3 Tips on Creating a Title For Your Rap Song

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Do you know how to create a title for your rap song? We will give you some tips on how to come up with a title to your song. One of the things about the title is that when you come up with a title, it will give you an idea on what to write about in your song. Remember that the title is often the most remembered part of the song. It defines the story of the song.

Tip 1 - Make the title something that is pleasing to the ear

You want to make sure that the title is a lead in to the rest of the song. You want people to like the title so much that they want to hear the rest of the song. The title will be your signature of the song. It will describe not only the song but also you as the songwriter.

Tip 2 - Read newspapers and magazines

Study various newspaper and magazines. Read the titles and the headlines. What did you read or see that you liked? What didn't you like? What attracted you to a particular title? What in the title grabbed your attention? Notice or pay attention to the action words, descriptive words and short words in the title. You can keep a page in your journal for words that you like or for words that you might want to use at a later time or in your own titles. Write those words down in your journal.

Tip 3 - Watch TV or Read A Book

Next time that you sit down and watch TV, watch it from a different angle. Look for phrases or titles that will catch your attention and write these down in you journal. Study the phrases and discover what was so attractive about them. Was it the phrasing or the way the words were put together? Was it the rhythm or the rhyme of the words? You can use these phrases as a model for your own titles.

Use these tips to help you create a title for your rap song. As you work on the title, don't forget the importance of the title to the success of your song. Remember take time to work on the development of you song title.

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3 Tips on Creating a Title For Your Rap Song

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This article was published on 2010/03/29